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Why Buy a Funeral Plan?


In 1916 a funeral cost about £11. In 2000 a funeral cost about £1,000 and in 2020 a funeral costs around £3,700.

It is estimated that in 8 years from now a funeral will cost about £8,500 and still continue to rise!

There are three points that we think you need to consider whilst asking yourself if you should have a funeral plan or not >>>

Funeral costs are rising rapidly, and a funeral plan bought today guarantees that your funeral is paid for at today’s prices irrespective of how long you live.


A funeral plan will relieve your family of additional stress at a most difficult time. The choice of Funeral Director, quality of coffin, number of mourners cars etc. will already have been taken care of.


A funeral plan means that your family will not have to find the cost from their own pockets whilst waiting for release of funds from your estate following probate.

Why buy funeral plans from us?

Quite simply, we are brokers for most leading Funeral Plan providers and are able to source the right plan that will suit your needs and budget. Our service to you does not increase your cost – our costs are paid by the Funeral Plan providers.

Flexible Payment Options.

There are various options from the range of Funeral Plan providers that we represent. You can make a single payment when you order or you can pay any deposit from £60 upwards (correct at time of printing) and pay the balance over an agreed period of years from 1 to 20.

Should I take out a Funeral Plan or Funeral Insurance?

We can offer both options. If you take out insurance you pay this each month until a given age, usually 90, and the younger you are the less the monthly premium. When you die the insurance pays out the cost of the funeral in full just like a pre-paid Funeral plan provided the first year or in some cases 2 years premiums are paid – We will be happy to discuss both options with you.

What does my Funeral Plan cover give me?

Above all it gives you peace of mind. Your funeral plan is tailored to suit your needs. It pays all your Funeral Director’s costs and with most plans there is a sum of money to pay your disbursements such as cremation charges. On receiving your enquiry we will complete a short questionnaire with you to ensure we source the right plan for you.

What do I do next?

Simple. Give us a ring and we will complete the questionnaire with you. We will then source the plan that best suits your needs and your budget. Then the decision is yours. If you wish to go ahead we will complete the application paperwork for you. If you live within reasonable travelling distance of our office you are welcome to visit us or we will make a home call if that is better for you, but wherever you live in the UK we can provide our full service to you by email, telephone, and surface mail.