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Protecting Home & Savings for Generations to Come

Would you like the very best protection possible for your home and savings, so that whatever happens to you in the future it IS still there safe and sound for your children or whoever you wish to inherit.

Our highly qualified specialist Trust drafters will ensure this will happen but we must have a meeting with you before we can offer you a Trust to ensure that a Trust is suitable for your individual circumstances.

Most cases are suitable but there are a minority of cases we are not able to accept for a variety of reasons.

The Trust Deed is a legal method of protecting your home and estate from all unforeseen circumstances and is drafted by our highly qualified specialist Trust drafters, giving you the security you need.

The main advantages of the Trust are:

Immediate Protection from ALL unforeseen eventualities
No Probate is needed for Property put into Trust
Savings on Probate costs which can be substantial
Makes the transition to your beneficiaries easy and immediate, saving time and stress for them at a difficult time
Saves an average of 6 to 12 months waiting for probate until anything can be dealt with
Protection from claims by family members who could contest your will as the Trust cannot be contested under the 1975 inheritance act
Protects your beneficiaries from sideways disinheritance caused by 2nd Marriages
Protects your beneficiaries inheritance from Inheritance Tax

A Home Protection Trust is drafted to give you total and complete control of your own property just the same as now, and total flexibility to do whatever you wish with it in the future just the same as now.

Everything you can do now you will still be able to do. You can move home and the new home automatically goes into the Trust. You can downsize and spend the money that is over.

In addition to your home, you can put cash savinqs into Trust and still get interest and still spend the money. You can also transfer shares into the Trust.

What are the downsides you will be asking? 

The only downsides are that if you want to take out a mortgage or equity release in the future, you will need to take the property out of trust and put it back in when you have taken out your equity release or mortgage, and there is a small cost to this, also in these circumstances unfortunately probate will still be needed.

If you are interested in putting your home into Trust the next step is an individual meeting to assess your case. This can be in our Plymouth head office or one of our other offices, or your own home. The consultation lasts about an hour and is completely free of charge with no obligation.

Home Protection Trusts - the facts!

There is a lot of incorrect and misleading information on the internet regarding Trusts. There are many different types of Trust and for example our life interest Home Protection Trust is not the same thing as a Protective Property Trust or a totally Discretionary Trust. 

And as this is a very specialist subject, it is also very easy to misinterpret some of the information, giving you worries if you are considering ordering, or in fact have already ordered. 

Please ask us if you have any concerns, we are the experts. 

We would never give you false information to obtain an order. We have over 9 years standing in Trust work, so please ignore the incorrect information given by people who are either prejudiced or simply ignorant of the true facts, including some legal professionals.

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