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It all started about two years ago when I was contacted by Lord Sir Eric Pickles to ask if I would be interested in The Parliamentary Review, to which I answered yes.

The Parliamentary Review committee is headed up by Lord Pickles as joint chairman with Lord Sir David Blunkett.

Then last year I was contacted by Sir Eric again to ask if I would write an article on my branch of law for the Parliamentary Review publication which came out this January. I wrote an article about regulation in the law industry and how I felt that legislation is needed to be brought about to give the public more safeguards and to be fairer to Will Writers. I myself and all my practitioners have studied and passed examinations in Will Writing, but the fact remains that anyone can set up as a Will Writer, without having studied the subject and without any qualifications at all, and charge for writing a Will. This is totally wrong as far as I am concerned. Another injustice which I felt relevant is the fact that writing a free standing Trust, such as a Home Protection Trust or a totally Discretionary Trust is a restricted legal occupation which can only be undertaken by a Barrister or Lawyer. I myself have many years’ experience advising clients about these types of Trust but am not allowed to write them, however a Barrister or Lawyer can write them even if they have little or no knowledge on the subject. This in my opinion is wrong and the only criteria for writing this type of Trust should be knowledge and competence, and should be subject to passing a very stringent examination as Trust law is a very complicate subject.

The parliamentary review was published in January this year and if anyone would like a copy please telephone my office on 0800 014 8031 and my staff will be very pleased to send you a copy. I was invited to a Gala event at the House of Lords in March in recognition of my article, but unfortunately there was a strike by security staff that day and the event had to be held elsewhere and I could not attend. I was contacted several times after this by the Director of Public Affairs and the Director of Strategy for my view on the current political situation, and I gladly gave my opinions which were published on the Parliamentary Review web-site. Then in July to my complete surprise I was contacted again and invited to become a full member of the Parliamentary Review.

This means I now have access to government ministers and M.P’s to put my views forward. And I have many views such as the need to narrow the gap between the very rich and the poorer people of this country, and how we should be helping more people to start their own business, and expand existing business, and encouraging businesses to move into deprived areas to help people get back into work. So it looks like I will be attending The House of Lords after all, at least once a year for a black tie event. I am very much looking forward to my role and I have been invited now to write a few lines to the new cabinet minister and Business Secretary Andrea Leadsome about the subjects I have just mentioned and get my points of view across. All very interesting times for me to come.

Article by David Richardson.ASWW South West Asset Protection. Tel 0800 014 8031 Fully Insured, Regulated and approved by Trading Standards under their Buy with Confidence scheme.

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