• Living Wills

    Living Wills

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You may feel strongly about not being resuscitated, and not being subjected to intrusive treatment if you are seriously ill due to certain conditions.

Making a living will enables your wishes to be taken into account by the medical staff in charge of your treatment.

One copy is kept with the hospital where your records are kept, another copy is given to your doctor and you can have several other copies to give to friends or family members.

Although the care and Welfare section of a Lasting Power of Attorney can if you wish give your attorneys the ability to give or refuse permission for life sustaining treatment, the Living Will is far more specific as to treatment you would not wish to have,

If you already have a living will and subsequently create a Care & Welfare section of a Lasting Power of Attorney, this automatically makes you previous Living Will Invalid, and in these circumstances we would need to create a new Living Will for you after your Lasting Power of Attorney has been registered, This does not invalidate your LPA.

If you wish to have a Lasting Power of Attorney and a Living Will, that is perfectly alright. It just means we create the LPA and register it, then ask you to sign your Living Will.